Así murió el poeta Guadalupe

Thus Died the Poet Guadalupe | Alianza, 2009

» Finalist in a Dashiell Hammet Prize

A novel of intrigue, sarcastic and rugged, with a strong dose of social criticism, which delves into the mysteries of personality, in all its darkness—a disturbing darkness that ends up revealing how the poet Guadalupe has died.

A mysterious recording arrives at a newspaper’s editorial office. It is an interview from a mental hospital in which someone—probably the interviewer—has deleted the questions so that the voice file has the tone of a confession. The enigmatic woman’s voice, a bit angry and resentful, tells of her meeting during the last years of Franco with a group of powerful South Americans who landed in a Spain with their own dazzling, worldly air.

But behind the glamour of those characters, their poetry, their boleros, their marvelous women, lies death. And torture. Cristina Fallarás presents Thus Died the Poet Guadalupe as a journey with the most abject human beings disguised with greatness: a meeting between the most voluptuous seduction and systematic torture.