El evangelio según María Magdalena

The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene | Ediciones B (PRH), 2021

«I, María, daughter from Magdala, called «la Magdalena», I am old enough to not be afraid of modesty. I, María Magdalena, still have the fury that I used to face idiocy, violence and the hierarchy that men impose on men and against women.»

«Here I present the record of the extraordinary successes I experienced. I stand by my decision. I knew the Nazarene. I was the only one who never left his side. It's not vanity. It´s the truth. I am telling this story so that you can understand his end and blur so many lies. Nothing will be told in vain.»

Cristina Fallarás writes on these pages a great work of fiction, inspired by scripture and historical documents but also with a truly realistic and contemporary approach. The result is a valiant and sensual portrait of a free woman, whose role in the foundation of Christianity has been systematically erased by the Church powers. Because every story is true but only some of them actually happened.

The novel is told through the voice of Mary Magdalene, an old woman that remembers her time with Jesus Christ and the chain of events that created one of the most powerful icons in Human history. Through the novel we will discover that her role was in fact instrumental and that maybe the last days of Jesus are not exactly what we think we know so well.

Mary Magdalene is Jesus’ closest companion and eyewitness to the day-to-day wonders Jesus performs with those who suffer, his interaction with disciples and even his agony on the cross. Her voice shines a light on the story and everything becomes a much more clear and full human experience. Are there miracles? Who multiplied the five loaves and two fish? Who healed the sick? Did Jesus actually rose from the dead? Mary answers these and many other questions. Her account will impress and surprise all kind of readers.