Rupturas. Una doble visión

Break-ups. Double Vision | Urano, 2003

A compendium of deceptions and illusions, which testifies to the struggle that we can continue to defend love, tooth and nail, and how we cling to the illusion of happiness.

In this clearly testimonial work, the author portrays a casual style and sharp details and reflections from four stories of heartbreak, with perspectives on each side. It gives voice to one of the “parties” to recount their relationship: how it all started, the best and worst moments, what was never forgiven, what was never satisfied, the moment he or she thought he held the sky in his hands…

And then provides space to allow the other “party” to ask the same questions. The result is fascinating and revealing, as it allows us to see the contradictions, the different views of the same event, the paradoxes and misunderstandings that were woven into the relationship that has already ended.