Carahueca. Intruders, la novela

Hollowface | Tema de Hoy, 2011

Seven-year-old Juan lives in Madrid. In his nightmares he is attacked by a faceless intruder, and his mother Luisa can do nothing to stop it.

Meanwhile Mia, a twelve-year-old girl from London, reads to her classmates the mysterious story of a monster named Hollowface. Separated by thousands of miles but closely linked through fear, both families will have to face that the intruders are already inside their homes and won’t leave till they get what they want from their children. A horror fast-paced, dark, claustrophobic plot that reflects on the destructive power of guilt and fear.

This novel is the book version of his last screenplay, written together with Jaime Marques. The film was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and starred Clive Owen.