La noche de las doscientas estrellas

The Night of Two Hundred Stars | Lengua de Trapo, 1999

Two winged dragons who have lost their fire breath find themselves in a cold and deserted village. A young man has the opportunity to find out all of his girlfriend´s secrets. An old clerk receives an invitation to participate in a wild costume party. A small time drug dealer and his girlfriend must keep watch over a secret smuggling operation. A disconcerting man meets his mother when he´s 30 and she 25. These are some of the suggestive situations  found in The Night of Two Hundred Stars, a book with a bunch of endearing stories, populated with characters of all ages and social conditions that face destiny alone and naked, with their everyday heroism, surrounded by the same questions without answers.

With an ironic and raw gesture, though melancholic and lyrical as well,  Nicolás Casariego shows he´s a master in story-telling.