Cazadores de luz

Hunters of Light | Destino, 2005

» Finalist Nadal Prize 2005

Mallick is an amoral seller of all types of products, among them, himself. His previously ordered life, devoted to commercial transactions and pretense, is suddenly altered by the love he feels toward a seemingly unattainable woman. In addition, his company wants more from him than just his work; something that is in his power and which is not a mere question of wealth or social standing, but a matter of life and death.

Nicolás Casariego devises a plot that is set in a future world in order to call the course of our present into question. He offers us a portrait of an imaginary reality whose values aren’t too far from our current ones. Cazadores de luz is a story that revolves around faking and power in a society obsessed with image and consumption.

Cazadores de luz is a novel of intrigue and love, but also a revealing re-creation in words of a world in which the visual seems to have definitely triumphed.