Casi nada que ponerte

Hardly Anything To Wear | Anagrama, 2023; Los libros del lince, 2016

This is the story of how a mosaic of infinite fragments of diverse cultures and divergent and hilarious stories come together to form an identity.

Casi nada que ponerte is based on a true story: that of two people who grew up in dusty towns and closed-minded environments, and decided to leave everything behind to conquer the big city.

Jorge and Simón seduced the Buenos Aires of the early 1970s and stumbled upon a gold mine as they created a world of fashion and luxury based on the picaresque. Their rise and fall is a miniature portrait of a country always in crisis, always a victim of its fascination with itself.

But this book also tells the story of the narrator herself, Lucía Lijtmaer, a Barcelonian woman born in Argentina with a Polish last name and the mix of identities that conform her peculiar reality.

This book started as an investigation piece and became something else entirely. Throughout the pages, a heterogeneous group made up of dressmakers, shopkeepers, models, designers, B-series actresses, and millionaire clients talk with the author. In some way, they revive or represent a glorious past that was or perhaps could have been.

First published in 2016, this book was Lucía Lijtmaer’s breakthrough, singling her out as a unique writer who occupies a prominent position among the most brilliant storytellers in Spain and Latin America.