Yo también soy una chica lista

I'm Not A Dumb Bitch | Destino, 2017

An entertaining and highly readable guide for all those women and men looking for an alternative approach to complex issues. For those seeking to shed themselves of PC preconceptions and for maverick women looking to make a stand.

«What you are about to read is all about how the system has been purpose-built to paint injustice in pastel shades and to deprive you of the tools you need to detect it. It’s about sharing that feeling of incredulity you get on discovering, as you survey your surroundings, that this world is often far from the best of all possible worlds and that many people couldn’t care less. It’s also a bit about Gwyneth Paltrow and the yummy mummy lifestyle.»

In her finest, straight-talking style, the writer Lucía Lijtmaer offers an astute response to the question Spanish women most often ask themselves: What is it we want? An awesome life or movie star hair? Lijtmaer takes a comic, ironic look at the way the construction of female identity in the 21st century necessarily caters to a series of ideals that must be demolished.

The book lays out all those clichés about weddings, uteruses crying out for children, the challenges posed by fashion magazines and, it goes without saying, everything that has been designed to make us feel better or worse about ourselves and that, inevitably, calls on us to change who we are.