Snowflake Generation | Anagrama, 2019

What are the real threats to freedom of speech? Is protest on the verge of becoming outlawed?

In recent times, we have seen stories in the press about the censorship of a poster for an Egon Schiele exhibition, arguments concerning a Balthus painting, debate over Nabokov’s Lolita… Are we being overrun by a wave of neo-puritanism? Is political correctness on the path to victory? Are we seeing a change of moral paradigm, the triumph of censorship and self-censorship? Or is what’s happening actually contempt for––even criminalization of––protest?

This book explores the true threats to freedom of expression, which come not from minorities, feminists, or the offended, but from political and legislative powers. Because calling out the outraged does nothing but criminalize their right––our right––to protest.