Dies de frontera

Frontier Days | Proa, 2014

» Sant Jordi Prize 2013

Dies de frontera is a novel about the partners we choose, the parents we get and the children we bring into the world (or choose not to).

It is, in short, a snapshot of the youth of today, doomed to a lifelong insecurity (not only socially and professionally) that blocks their path to the maturity and stability that comes with settling down and raising a family.

Pau and Teresa, the protagonists of our story, are a common-law couple content to drift blithely along until what he calls “the lapse” occurs, bringing in its wake an emotional meltdown, a change of home and a journey to the borderlands between Spain and France. Like so many others of their ilk, Pau and Teresa are a young couple on the move, but their final destination remains a mystery. Transition is, after all, a transitional state of affairs.

The narrator eschews melodrama in his telling of the protagonists’ tale and, along the way, takes stock of the past few decades, with the linguistic flair and comic touch that are the hallmarks of Vicenç Pagès Jordà.

Told over the course of more than a hundred chapters, many of which are extremely brief, the novel is a constantly shifting image that will seduce, move and entertain readers in equal measure, while enthralling with its ability to depict the world in which we live.