Memòria Vintage

Vintage Memory | Empúries, 2020

Memòria Vintage is a personal and collective journey that begins with man’s arrival on the moon in 1969 and ends in 1994 with Pulp Fiction and the first PlayStation.

Pagès Jordà takes four hundred names, words, and concepts that had their moment of glory and live on now in the memory of those who were there, in other words, the baby boom generation. With humor and intelligence, the author recreates the customs, objects, music, film, television, jobs, and words that have changed or disappeared.

Memòria Vintage is a journey that will captivate all those born in the sixties, but it will interest and entertain everyone. We will see aerobics, the phone booth, the new (and short-lived) education standards, El Víbora magazine, Worker’s Day, conspicuous consumption, Fittipaldi, John F. Kennedy, Kung Fu, La Clave, Lumumba, Macuto, Mad Max, Mary Jane, Mickey Rourke, lounging around, pilila, Hopscotch, Marisol ... and such extinct concepts as silence.