El dedo. Breves apuntes sobre la masturbación femenina

The Finger | Capitán Swing, 2016

«At night, alone, I marry the bed./ Finger to finger, now she's mine.»

Anne Sexton writes these verses in homage to her empty bed, where she has a better time on her own than anyone. Betty Dodson gives an advanced masturbation course to women in their fifties who have never looked at their vulva in a mirror. Amarna Miller fakes an orgasm by writhing in front of a camera. A 19th-century doctor prescribes pelvic massages to his patient, who is suffering from profound hysteria. Thousands of pregnant women do a Google search for whether clitoral stimulation could be dangerous for their foetuses. And Luna Miguel, barely eight years old, discovers a pornographic drawing that will change her life forever, and that long afterwards will lead her to write a personal history of female self-pleasure.

Written at the intersection of journalism, popular science, confessional and fiction, and enunciated in a warm, calm and hypnotising voice, El dedo is an intimate story of what for too long has been a cultural taboo: female masturbation. Or as the author says: «It is not only sexual; masturbation is also a meditation on love alone. A constellation of sensations. A space of one's own in which to take refuge.»