Los estómagos

The Stomachs | La Bella Varsovia, 2015

«There is a mediation exercise that consists of looking pain in the face, straight in the eye, without running away from it or renouncing it, until it is extinguished or until it is the one to blink first.»

«This book is the home that has survived the storm serene, a temple where the laws of nature take their course: here the seagull pecks at the eye sockets of the lying lamb, the priest eats flesh, the spider catches the cockroach and makes her a dress of white bones and the common cancer destroys the body because disease nests in our mirrors. Brahmana is also the person who narrates Los estómagos and tells of his journey to the other shore to see the light and catch it. That is why Los estómagos is clarity and why it is, after all, full of life.» Antonio J. Rodriguez.