Nude | Lunwerg, 2021

Luna Miguel accompanies Conrad Roset’s female nudes with poems that radiate beauty, magic, and serenity.

Beneath a free gaze, the female bodies shown in Nude express themselves without complexes, diverse, mistresses of themselves. Their gestural nature and their freedom grow as the simple but rich lines of poetry condense. The artist who stunned us with Muses returns to fill us with wonder in a wise tribute to women and an <strong>erotic proposal that invites tranquility and contemplation.

In this collection of nudes, there is the wisdom and the sanity of a person who knows how to deal softly with another’s body, portraying it without conquesting it, colonizing it, or possessing it. Conrad Roset offers a map of different corporealities, warm, free, perhaps even euphoric. This beautiful and keen-eyed book is a homage places in readers’ hands.

«After brutality comes calm. After strength comes intelligence. After the muses come the heroes.» Luna Miguel