Ganarse la vida. Una celebración

To Make A Living | Anagrama, 2020

The rite of passage between writing for yourself and publishing is like jumping between two rooftops of different buildings. The responsibility is often overwhelming. A beautifully written chronicle by David Trueba twenty-five years after his first novel.

David Trueba evokes episodes from his childhood and adolescence, as a portrait of the forging of a writer, twenty-five years after the publication of his debut Abierto toda la noche.

Thus, the reader has in his hands the beautiful chronicle of an emotional and professional education. The large family, the overcrowded flat, the days without school, the first readings and films, the first myths, the failed catechesis, the irruption of the flesh. Trueba captures a way of learning to be in the world at the same time as he shows the transition between playing at writing and making a living from writing.