La noche del tramoyista

The Night of the Stagehand | Alfaguara, 1986 / Lengua de Trapo, 1996

This novel unfolds in Ibiza in the late ‘50s, when the island was a lost paradise. Men and women arrive at the island from the most diverse origins. They move in and entwine their destinies.

They live out their comedies and their dramas against a backdrop of islanders who don’t just assist the development of their adventures, but also take part in them. It possible to believe that reality is suspended here, that this phenomenal corner is different from the rest of the world. Love is a pleasant promiscuity, alcohol is a placid or exultant escapism, and art is a way of live. But suddenly the shiny game of mirrors in which the character live, crumbles.

Reality erupts mercilessly and brutally in the form of violence. An Ibizan woman is assassinated and then the fascinating Clara News and the assassin himself. What went on, what malignant forces have been triggered and threaten the delicate balance in which the characters were nestled?