Todo eso que tanto nos gusta

Everything We Like So Much | Destino, 2008

»  Consigliato dai Librai Arion

It’s not always easy to be a father. Neither is it easy to be a son. In fact, nothing is easy in this life...and therein lies the key. Difficulties always end up becoming the heart of the joy of living.

An old man escapes in search of an unreachable palace, and his son follows him. In their flight they meet a girl who is sure about love, but she is not sure about committing herself to love forever; a  disturbing woman who lives alone with her Neapolitan butler and cook; a blind man who never wanted to work and ends up growing the most beautiful roses...

Father and son understand that life can be exciting if you know how to see other people, be complicit with them. If you know not to fear the ridiculous, or fear itself. And that , at the end of the day, it is the only chance we have to take a little stroll in paradise. Todo eso que tanto nos gusta is a radiant novel, written with a ease and grace. A novel that tackles the big subjects of existence with natural wisdom and elegant simplicity; Todo eso que tanto nos gusta suggests that the only secret of life is managing to be who we already are... and dancing until dawn.