55 taques i gargots

55 scribbles and marks | Columna, 2002

55 scribbles and marks was created in 2000 as an exciting game.

The author had just left a job of 5 years; he hadn’t kept anything for almost 10 and in April he would be 55 and would have fewer years left to live; and 55 was a reversible number. He was also pretty fed up with life. And from there emerged this ironic view of the world, through absurd humour, automatic writing and surrealism, splashing the reader – online or of books – with scribbles and marks. Or 21st century short stories for all.

The game of writing and drawing – shoulder to shoulder with his friend, the painter Joan Cruspinera, himself a great creator of scribbles and marks – proved such fun and so stimulating for both of them, that they moved from the craziest euphoria to obtuse discouragement. Or was it the other way round?