No hi cabem dues vegades, en aquest món

We don't fit in twice, in this world | Ara Llibres, 2016

A novel that combines love, death and passion in a cocktail of powerful emotions. Because even love and death can be pornographic.

Miquel Obiols brings all of his creativity to a deeply personal and touching story. In private, Nora and Ernest call each other Virna and Buster, for Virna Lisi and Buster Keaton. Their love of cinema is only surpassed by their love for one another. And now they are over eighty years old. But the passage of time is inexorable and diagnoses of Alzheimer’s and cancer are but a painful reminder of that fact. The couple understands that their time together will soon be over.

Slipping hands, morphine, unwritten agreements, and anti-Monarchist scarves; Pasolini, Huston, Chaplin and Bergman; Cortázar, Joyce, Bauçà and Brautigan; Pina Bausch and Louise Bourgeois… A remarkable novel which lovingly weaves together cinema, literature, theatre, art, memory, friendship, sex, silence and the dignity of choice.