Datrebil. 7 cuentos y 1 espejo

Datrebil. 7 Stories and 1 Mirror | Espasa Calpe, 1989 / Kalandraka, 2022

An extraordinary adventure told in 7 stories that can be read, seen, imagined, played, lived or endured.

It is also an adventure through a looking glass where freedom is seen backwards. And it can be a fantastical journey. Miquel Obiols or Leuqim Sloibo was born on the night of a solar eclipse. And when he was seven he became friends with the bogeyman. He loved getting a fever so he could stay in bed and read. He has never forgotten his grandmother Margot, or a trip he took on a magical highway. Sometimes, in order to read his stories, you have to follow his directions or enlist the help of a mirror.

✏️  Illustrations by Miguel Calatayud