Això no és Amèrica

This is Not America | Empúries, 2017

Fifteen years on from Animals Tristos, Jordi Puntí returns with a short story collection that bears witness to his evolution in style and subject matter over time. Here are nine tales of adulthood, exercises in heartbreak, portraits of characters on the run and outsiders in search of their place in the world.

There’s a man who recalls a past love as he strolls through the streets of Barcelona, his footsteps tracing a letter. There’s a hitchhiker bearing a briefcase on the outskirts of the city of Vic. There’s Gori, who, in a village in northern Catalonia, receives letters from a long-estranged brother. Then there’s the man who wants to surprise his wife with a trip to Paris, only to swap it for a solitary cruise on board a ship on which Sam Cortina is performing. There’s the astonishing story of Mike (formerly Miguel) Franquesa and his curious relationship with casinos. And finally, tying up all of the loose ends, there’s the writer making his way to Nancy, where, to the delight of the reader, he will complete his work as a traveling salesman of stories...
A collection of wonderful stories about characters on the run and rogues searching for their place in the world.