Pell d’armadillo

Armadillo Skin | Proa, 1998

Armadillo: N. Toothless mammal with a hard shell that protects it from predators and lends it a false appearance of fierceness. And the fact is that the characters in this book behave like armadillos.

In this book, Jordi Puntí displays a particularly special irony and intelligence when portraying a sleeping society that dreams of breaking with the tedious daily routine.

Puntí portrays normal, almost dull, people that, for a brief instant, can choose to lead a different, more adventurous life – but then the author skillfully leaves the conflict resolution in the reader’s hands. Admirable prose, elegant style, laconic, almost distant, sentences and subtle humor give this book its unique narrative power so admired by Puntí’s fellow writers.