Confetti | Proa, 2024

“Much of the human existence is pure fiction.” -claims the narrator of Confeti. “Optimists see everything rosy while pessimists drown in black. In between, we live surrounded by mysteries, deceptions, illusions, hopes, misunderstandings, jealousies, traps, desires...".

As an entertainment and gossip journalist, our narrator finds in his friend, the musician Xavier Cugat, an ideal example to describe the extent to which we deceive ourselves when we want to be happy at any cost.

Cugat, born on January 1, 1900, was clearly predestined to do great things. He devoted his whole life to achieving fame and bliss through his passions: music, caricatures, marriages to very young and beautiful women, chihuahuas and all the orchestras he conducted around the world.

From New York to Hollywood, from La Havana to the Ritz Hotel in Barcelona, we travel with these two men throughout the turbulent and fanciful 20th century, in a game of mirrors, imagination and lasting success. At parties, they cheerfully toast and sing under a shower of confetti. Yet every morning, that same confetti on their clothes and hair (or wig) become a pledge for lost joys.

Through them, we discover that, when reality does not fit your biography, you can always reinvent it and improve it in a novel.