Maletes perdudes

Lost Luggage | Empúries, 2010

» Booksellers Prize 2010
» Joaquin Amat-Piniella Award 2010
» Lletra d'Or 2011 Prize
» National Critics Prize 2011 for Catalan Fiction

The novel tells of the crossed destinies of an impossible family. Christof, Christophe, Christopher and Cristòfol are brothers, sons of the same father and four very different mothers and none of them know about the existence of the others.

They live in Frankfurt, Paris, London and Barcelona. Their father, Gabriel, abandoned them when they were little and they never heard from him again. One fine day, the secret comes out and the brothers get together for the first time. The brothers reconstruct their father’s life step by step, above all his job as a lorry driver between Spain and the rest of Europe. These trips enabled him to support his gloomy existence under Francoism and the same voyages enabled Gabriel to have several sons – the «Cristóbales» - all divided by European geography.