Amadeus en bicicleta

Amadeus By Bike | Galaxia Gutenberg, 2021

The rehearsals are beginning for Mozart’s Don Giovanni, which will be performed at the Salzburg Music Festival.

The young Mexican Vian Maurer arrives in the city hoping to fulfill his dream of becoming an opera singer. Up to now, his ambitions have been thwarted by his overly strict father, who lacks artistic sensibility, as well as a long line ofsinging instructors overly preoccupied with how to classify his voice… tenor or baritone?

With his great admiration for Mozart, his master and idol, Vaian will show up for the auditions for Don Giovanni and will be granted a small role. During rehearsals, he will meet Julia, and together they will bicycle through Salzburg, wearing white wigs in the classic Mozart style… But the sudden arrival of Vian’s father the night before the debut performance threatens to bring the fairy tale to an end. He hopes to drag his son out of the bohemian theater world. Vian, though, has other plans…