Juggling Games | Espasa, Abril 2013

«If the circus is a mirror of the world, clowns are our most trustworthy reflection. In Malabares, Rolando Villazón has known how to give voice —no pun intended— to these fragile creatures, discovering their abysses and hopes with great subtlety and intelligence. The fascinating first novel of a great artist.» Jorge Volpi.

Macolieta earns his living by dressing up as a clown and performing at children’s parties and third-rate circuses with his two friends, Claudio the philosopher and the sardonic Max. After suffering a back injury and receiving a letter from Sandrine, the woman who introduced him to the world of the circus and whom he can’t forget, Macolieta rediscovers an old blue notebook in which, over the years, he’s been developing the story of his alter-ego, the famous circus artiste Balancín [See-saw], acclaimed the world over by an adoring public and devoted to his art.

In the pages of the notebook, Balancín is also going through a difficult period that forces him to retire from the stage but, unlike Macolieta, Balancín can always count on the support of his beloved wife Verlaine and their two children.

But is Balancín’s life really so perfect? Can Macolieta persuade Sandrine to take him back?

With a style that mixes both realistic and lyrical elements with touches of humour, the author entwines these two stories that, as a kaleidoscope, throw light upon each other.