Como los pájaros aman el aire

(Like Birds Love the Air) Siruela, 2016

The much anticipated new release from the 2014 Café Gijón Prize winner offers up a meditation on memory, love and art.  

Fernando leads a solitary existence. On the run from his former life, he takes up residence in a small apartment in the neighbourhood of Lavapies. Grieving after his father’s death, Fernando roams the streets armed with a camera and a pair of glasses that belonged to the old man, seeking him out in the faces of the people he portrays. Thanks to his camera, he gets to know Irina, a young Lithuanian woman newly arrived in the capital.

From that moment on, without turning his back on the ghostly puzzle of a dead man, he will find his life spiralling out of control as he tries to crack another, yet more mysterious puzzle: that of a living, breathing woman. In the background lurks a murky world in which anything can be bought for a price, but Fernando will not give up on the light that now brightens his days.