Nieve al sol

(Snow in the Sun) Espasa Calpe, 2004

Madrid in the carefree 80’s. Rafael is a young man working as a chauffeur for Bernal, a nouveau riche building contractor with a slightly mafioso streak. But Rafael feels he deserves something better. And he can’t get the idea of redeeming his boss’ girlfriend, Diana, out of his head. Rome, 20 years later. The former chaffeur has become one of the walking dead. Suddenly, his drunken grey monotony is broken by the appearance of a new Diana, surprisingly similar to his old obsession. Who is she? What does she want from him? Why does she insist on digging up a past marked by tragedy?

Narrated in alternating chapters, the Roman present and the Madrid past end up converging into a puzzle where all the pieces fit. Love, death, greed, ties of blood, guilt and redemption are the ingredients of a story as moving as it is passionate.