Por el camino de Ulectra

(On the Road to Ulectra) Anaya, 2007

» IV Anaya Award 2007 for children’s and Young adult literature

In 2314 all human beings are programmed to die at the age of seventy-five. They do not know how to read and they have microchips inserted in their brains full of broad knowledge. A simple pill allows them to fall in love without suffering and they are never ill. Politicians and scientists have created a society that is apparently happy, but which in fact is a dark world.

Glaster and Miguel discover that their parents have died in strange circumstances while trying to recover the ability to read - that age-old, mysterious privilege that is capable of avoiding the mechanization of men, and return them their freedom. In order to complete the mission of their parents, the two young men, with the help of the easy-going Flecha, set out on a long journey to strange planets, confronting fearful monsters and endless dangerous situations, which take place in Ulectra. Is it worth risking life and limb to recover something that has been lost for centuries? Something that nobody knows exactly what it is? Will they manage to change the destiny of humanity?