Demasiado no es suficiente

Too much is not enough | Siruela, 2022

After a few years with more shadows than lights between Colombia, Mexico and Iraq, Max returns to Madrid in 2004.

In a bar, the city and the memory of Elsa will fall upon him, when he discovers among his bottles the sculpture of Bastet that adorned El Gato Azul. There he meets Robocop, a former companion from his time as a bodyguard in the Basque Country, and now under the orders of SK, an unscrupulous businessman who will offer him an astronomical sum to risk his life to rescue his daughter Sibila, who has fallen into the hands of the ruthless Bulgarian mafia. But this is just the beginning...

After Yo fumo para olvidar que tú bebes and Mi precio es ninguno, this new instalment in the series starring Max Lomas -already an inexcusable reference in the Spanish noir-crime scene- presents us with a story that is as harsh and disbelieving as it is illuminated by explosions of the most intelligent humour, which updates and pays homage to the classics of the genre in equal measure.