El corazón de la materia

The Heart of the Matter | Plaza & Janés, 2008

Would you be prepared to question your firmest beliefs to discover the truth about someone you love?

Lucas Frías is a young and promising scientist, a specialist in quarks – those subatomic particles of which matter is made. His girlfriend, Elena, has left her job as an archaeologist in South America to live with him in Madrid. When, suddenly, a tragic and mysterious accident separates them, Lucas takes up an investigation to find out about the accident, using his legacy: a valuable pre-Columbian figurine, a common past with an excavating companion and the combination for a safe, the numbers of which hide a key date for the couple’s destination.

This would be the beginning of a revealing journey that would take him to the streets of Paris, the Atacama Desert in Chile, and would submerge him in a disturbing world of clairvoyants, mentalists, dangerous tricksters and quantum physicists who move on the edge of rationality. Along the way he discovers new question marks that destroy his scientific scepticism and draw him into the territory of the supernatural.

El corazón de la materia is also a love story, a reflection on the limits of science and an audacious inquiry into the truth of paranormal phenomena. Ignacio García-Valiño sits on the bench of those accused of faith, scientific reason, believers and sceptics, in implacable proceedings to discover the truth of the invisible. But above all, we are looking at a hypnotic and captivating story of intrigue that will move its readers.