El ruido del mundo

The Clamour of the World | Plaza & Janés, 2014

Imagine you’re a psychologist and that, on his first appointment, your patient comes clean and admits to having killed a man and to feeling no remorse.

This is precisely what happens to Isabel Arriaga, whose life as a separated woman with a challenging adolescent son is turned upside down when she decides to take on a new patient, Ricardo Alvear. Isabel agrees to handle the case in a bid to banish her own problems. With the help of Adrián Siles, an expert in psychopathic disorders, she will have to meet the professional challenge of a lifetime and put her own psychoanalytical skills to the test. What Isabel has no way of knowing is that her sessions with Ricardo will open up unexpected doors in her own life.

After a silence lasting several years, Ignacio García-Valiño returns to the fray with an  unsettling thriller that holds up a mirror to today’s complex world, with all of its challenges, hopes, troubles and joys. A touching tale about how the deafening roar that surrounds us can make our lives more difficult.