Querido Caín

Dear Cain | Plaza & Janés, 2006

» Finalista del Premio de Novela Ciudad de Torrevieja

Carlos and Coral are a well-to-do married couple whose placid life is drastically altered when their teenager son Nico ends up involved in an accident in which the family dog is killed. Was it really an accident?

As his antisocial behavior worsens, his parents turn to Julio, a child psychologist, who will try to help the boy through their mutual keenness for chess. Just as in a chess game, a struggle begins between doctor and patient in which strategies are interwoven, false moves are made, and pawns are sacrificed. Julio will find himself trapped in a dangerous maze of lies… and if he doesn’t manage to discover Nico’s terrible secret in time, innocent people might end up dead.

Querido Caín is a furiously-paced psychological thriller that tackles the topic of juvenile violence and explores the deep roots of evil and its influence on people. Can unwarranted cruelty be innate? Is it possible to escape the influence of the lineage of Cain, the first evil character in History?

 ✏️  Film rights sold to: Life & Pictures