El orden improbable

The Improbable Order | Espasa Calpe, 2004

At the age of twenty, Nuria leaves her mediocre hometown of Malaga, ready to take on the world. Twenty years later, she returns there from Madrid after an unhappy love affair and losing her job under shady circumstances. Her return will be like a second chance to straighten out the course of her life. However, it doesn’t come easy: the city and her family and friends are now strangers with whom she is unable and unwilling to share her real motives for coming back. Even so, little by little Nuria gives up her reticence and half-truths and is able to make a niche for herself. She re-establishes an «improbable order» in which she finally finds peace. No defeat is definitive.

With direct, lively language, Pablo Aranda submerges us in the lives of his characters and composes an intricate mural with a surprise ending.