Fede quiere ser pirata

Fede quiere ser pirata

Fede Wants to Be a Pirate | Anaya, 2012

» City of Malaga Children’s Literature Prize

What Fede wants most in the world is to be a pirate, but he’s got a long way to go before he gets there. First there are certain requirements to be met that he considers vital: to be able to have a bath on his own, not to be scared of going to bed, to get a parrot and, the most important of all, to lose a leg and replace it with a wooden one. But when a new boy joins his class, he realises he won’t have to lose any limbs in order to be a brave pirate.

✏️  Illustrations: Esther Gómez Madrid

«A children’s book full of humour that I really enjoyed, and which opened a door I hope to go through again and again.» Pablo Aranda