La otra ciudad

The Other City | Espasa Calpe, 2003

It’s not easy being Paco. Growing up in a working class neighbourhood in an Andalusian city, it seems like all the odds are stacked against him. His dreary youth is plagued by injustice. He is marginalized and has very little access to work or culture. His father is an alcoholic and his brother is a drug addict. But Paco has learned to take refuge in his own imagination, his deep friendship with Richa, and the love that he finds in Nadia. She is a Moroccan immigrant who, like him, struggles to survive in a world filled with disappointment and misunderstanding.

La otra ciudad is an intimate and tender human story. It is a critical social portrait of anonymous survivors who are constantly forced to put themselves to the test and who can never afford to let their guard down. At the same time, it is an exciting elegy to love and friendship, the only valid means of support for maintaining dignity and hope.

→ Film Rights: TVE (Spanish National Television)