La cápsula del tiempo

Time Capsule | Blackie Books, 2012

One night. 37 possible endings. A map to find your way around. A mysterious black reference book. A great storm and dozens of tormented characters. You are here. Now what? You decide.

Where were YOU when the great storm struck? Christmas Eve 2013. An area of low pressure that the weatherman decided not to issue warnings for has caught everyone out. YOU’ve run away from a house in which you left behind your wallet and your shame, and now you’re in an underground station, faced with a dilemma.

Today, you should fulfil a promise you made twenty years ago: to dig up, together with your two childhood friends, a time capsule you hid in a now abandoned water park. The first decision, whether or not to get off the tracks after a lucky break, will be the first flash of lightning in this nocturnal odyssey in which you will have to fight against fate and your own personality to reach the best of the 37 possible destinies in store for you.