Light Beams | Blackie Books, 2016

The most intimate and compelling novel yet from one of the finest writers on Spain’s literary scene. Otero turns his luminous gaze on a complex reality. Kaleidoscopic and subtle and, above all, a tale that lives and breathes.

Fidel Centella leaves home without quite knowing what he is looking for, which might explain all the surprises that lie in store: the impossible choice between Barbara (the whistling thief) and Diana (who has plenty to offer and holds nothing back); the adventures in a crumbling apartment that barely sleeps; the urban myths of a neighbourhood home to both light and shade; the drinks downed with his ailing father.

Ever torn between the Galician memories of his emigrant family and the promise held out by the many paths that lie open. When he needs to get his bearings, he looks to the beams of light that spring forth from the mountains of his home town. Beams of light that, just like his friends Justo, Iu and Brais, have always been there. Beams of light that, just like his friends, shine all the brighter when all around is darkness. Beams of light that point the way home.