Simon | Blackie Books, 2020

» Ojo Crítico Prize 2020

Miqui Otero makes a triumphant return with one of the most moving and authentic novels in recent years. One full of people and places you will return to.

This book is an entire life.
The life of Simón.
Who opens his eyes in a bar, in the middle of two families that don’t talk. Who grows up looking for his cousin, the one who promised him a storybook life and then disappeared. Who learns what friendship is by the side of Estela. Who trots out the recipes he learned at the bar in luxury restaurants. Who pretends to be a hero on yachts and at the pool table. Who has to keep walking forward on journeys that are really just running away. Who falls in love too much, and badly. Who realizes quickly that heroes don’t exist, that fortune has its reasons, that women aren’t trying to be rescued.
Who comes back one day. Comes back to start over again, this time for real, with the novel of his life.