La noche del Skylab

The Night of the Skylab | Espasa Calpe, 2000

Behind the mists of a reality which, we accept too readily as unique and true, old ghosts hide awaiting their moment to come out into the light.

In this way, a victim can find himself with his torturer in a football field and share the same desire for victory: a girl of eleven years old blindly loves a film actor and finds in his voice the fulfilment of a dream that once appeared unattainable…

The everyday and the routine can produce a desperation so great that the only escape appears to be on occasions the absurd – like what happens to the inhabitants of Hisopo, a lost and forgotten town that prays for an spaceship to crash into them: and also the recollections, the reunion with old wounds that never fully healed, the desires change the present through a past that will provide the keys to what will inevitably happen next.

The characters who pass through these 14 tales each discover in their own way that fleeing is impossible, that ghosts sooner or later return if they left at all and that almost always «the truth prefers to reside in one of the rooms of literature, the shelter in which one can finally turn a failed penalty from long ago into a goal.»