Los príncipes nubios

The Nubian Icons | Seix Barral, 2003

» Biblioteca Breve Prize 2003
» Prix Littéraire des Jeunes Européens 2009

Is it possible to save someone from certain death? Moisés Froissard thinks so. At least this is what he has in mind when he starts working for an NGO in Latin America. What is it that lures him into Club Olympus? Apparently the work is the same, since he hasn’t given up fighting for a better life for the underprivileged – only this time, escaping from poverty implies a different kind of slavery.

Moisés Froissard becomes one of the best «headhunters» for the exclusive Club Olympus and travels around the world looking for the most beautiful specimens to cater to the sexual appetites of its membership.

This is the story of the quest for the Nubian Prince but also the story of a moral journey, told in thrilling prose and with a bitingly sarcastic sense of humor. The relentless hunt for the African beauties leads Moisés to a critical turning point in his life.

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