Prohibido entrar sin pantalones

A Cluod in Trousers | Seix Barral, Abril 2013

» I Vargas Llosa Biennal Award
» 4th Reprint

Juan Bonilla follows the steps of Vladimir Mayakovsky, the most energetic member of the Russian avant-garde. A charismatic, innovative and combative futurist poet, Mayakovsky declared war on the bourgeoisie and the Establishment. He became a National poet during the Russian Revolution was a powerful man for a number of years.

New York, Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Mexico are some of the backdrops to this thrilling novel that explores the life of an extreme and arrogant man. A narcissist that loathed not being adored, a dreamer who believed in the future. Mayakovsky’s  torrid affair with Lilya Brik was tolerated and encouraged by her husband Osip ant they would become one of the most famous literary love triangles.

Juan Bonilla does away with the traditional playbook.With his vivid and dynamic prose, Bonilla throws inflammatory metaphors, goes partying and looking for trouble in a novel that is driven by inventiveness and freedom. The Russian avant-garde genius emerges with enormous charisma from an overwhelming strong narration.