La propiedad del paraíso

The Property of Paradise | Planeta, 1995

In a Spanish coastal town, the narrator and his brothers take a look in at adult life at the end of the 60s. Caught between the playroom and an enigmatic future they still do not know the limits between fantasy and reality.

On one hand, they believe in the Duende - an unknown being that is able to transform things; and on the other, they come across a motley crew of flesh and blood characters. They will grow up like that is a paradise populated by opposing figures: Lali, a judgemental teacher, Sergeant Arruza, the living image of danger, the God of Rodeo, circus tamer, as well as Captain Roden, Miguel the film maker...

Made up of snippets of memories, the narrator of this novel picks out the moments in which he enjoyed the fragile property of paradise, the moments of an apparently innocent and happy childhood, but one full of uncertainty.