El pensamiento de los monstruos

Monsters’ Thinking | Tusquets, 2002

«I’m a cop. I’m slightly psychic. I devote some of my nights to a pirate radio station. Besides that, recently I’ve been lending a hand to my friend Jup Vergara in his travel agency. I also study at Open University. Philosophy at that. (I collect coasters, too).»

That’s how Yéremi Alvarado presents himself, a puzzled student of great philosophers, addicted to various substances in search of The Perfect Woman and generally unlucky with the ladies. When his fortieth birthday looms large, Yéremi’s pointless life begins to weigh him down, «as if a two-ton octopus had sat on my head». And there he is, surrounded by his pals: a strange treasure hunter, a television psychic, a Latin professor who has taken a vow of silence, an unlucky poet obsessed with winning one contest or another, a taxi driver suffering from aphasia, a veterinarian that runs an extermination farm for stray dogs, a Chinese waiter who falls in love and becomes a killer.

From the author’s fierce sense of humor and exhilarating prose, big issues emerge: love, death, angst. A work in which humor and style join forces to reveal a penetrating vision of life.