Oficios estelares

Stellar Trades | Destino, 2009

Anything is possible in these tales, in these short stories that reveal the kaleidoscopic condition of reality, with its anomalous harmonies and reasonable absurdities.

Illusionists who master the secret of invisibility, imaginary travellers, dream interpreters, hunters for hire who yearn for the apparition of a phenomenal animal, enchanted bazaars, immortal beings who wander the world across the centuries, lawyers who learn to have no conscience, civilizations of the future in which objects of the past are surrendered, fearful characters who fail to interpret reality, housewives who believe they live in a labyrinth, failures who continue caressing their illusions, struggling writers, the dead who transgress the laws of death, traders of secrets…

Felipe Benítez Reyes is a writer touched by magic. This volume deals with plausible magic and improbable realities, and brings together the entirety of his short stories: the books: A dangerous world (1994), Ways to lose (1997) and the previously unpublished Fragilities and Disorders.