Piscinas Vacías

Empty Pools | Alfaguara/PRH, 2016

«I want to tell you a love story; yours. Although, I suppose you probably already know that not all love stories end well.»

Emotions and talent, and a special gift to portray female psychology and romantic relationships.The protagonists in these stories are not heroes, nor are they facing life and death situations.

They are, should we say, completely normal people. They could be our neighbors, our parents. They could be us. They do not know each other, but similar things happen to them all: life, and its great unknowns. How does one fall in love? Why does love become hardened if not shared with someone? What are we afraid of? Does one have to chose between the life you lead and the life you imagine? It is at this crossroads that these stories, which swirl around empty pools, take life.