Botxenski i companyia

Empúries, 1988 / Paidós, 1989 | Botxenski and Company

(Botxenski and Company) A collection of nineteen stories with a common element: Botxenski, sometimes protagonist, others secondary actor, often an incidental reference, an emblematic character who gives conferences, knows the elevators and the trains, specializes in prehistory, is the owner of fairground attractions, is married to a dance academy professor and also dating a Chinese girl, visits London besieged by the Nazis, interprets The Magic Flute, is a Belgian tenor, a violent gangster, and adventurer lost in space, a hypochondriac and a scientist who flies to Rwanda. Everything revolves around him and everything happens simply because he’s who he is, and he’s different every time. These tales also have a common thread of surreal humour, a rare skill for surprising the reader and above all, splendid language, exceptionally vivid and expressive, applied with great narrative talent.