Las galletas del Salón de Té Continental

Cruïlla, 2007 | The Biscuits of the Continental Tearoom

(The Biscuits of the Continental Tearoom) The relationship between Beatrice and her grandfather becomes greater as they look together at some war photos that terribly upset the old man. A story written with great sensitivity, shows the nostalgic relationship of a child with her grandfather, and is a great introduction, aimed at young readers, to a history which has been hidden, to the recovery of the historical memory. Through the conversations which Beatrice has every Thursday with her grandfather at the Continental Tearoom after her chess class, both she and the reader learn of the childhood of a boy during the Civil War. A photograph in an exhibition opens the door to the grandfather’s memories, and from that moment on he reaps the anecdotes of his past and recreates a new world for Beatrice. The magic of friendship between grandfather and grand-daughter take on a new importance when the emotions that come with the memory of the rough times of the war start to affect the fragile health of the old man.

(Spain, Cruïlla – Catalan / SM – Spanish)

Translation rights: working in conjunction with Cruïlla