El caçador d’ombres

The Shadow Hunter | Edicions 62, 2012

Lluís Soley is the proprietor of a Catalan family business. He is approaching fifty, and recently things haven’t been going so well - his parents have died and cracks are starting to show in his marriage. He knows he has to start a new life, but doesn’t dare face up to it. Suddenly, an offer of a multi-million buyout solves his dilemma.

At the same time, a scientist who is about to take part in a trip across the Sahara is kidnapped. Desperate to feel something and in need of a reason to live, Lluís Soley embarks on a journey across Africa to rescue the scientist. With the help of his father’s old personal secretary, soon more people become involved in this adventure.

El caçador d’ombres restores the idea of travel and fiction as spaces where one can live life to the full. A novel about the second chances life offers us, and the need to know oneself in order to face up to them and decide what to do.