La dona immòbil

The Immobile Woman | Edicions 62, 2015

A novel about love and lovelessness and all the things that mark us in the course of a life.

La dona immòbil is a story of the stories revolving around an attractive woman, Helena Graus, who finds herself forces into immobility after an accident at home.

She’s the center of attention for four men she had a relationship with at different stages of her life: her husband, a successful politician running in an upcoming race; her lover, a highly regarded pianist; the rich and lonely financier she was involved with when they were both young; and a faithful doctor who has always been her friend.

All these characters harbor unspeakable secrets. People who knew each other in younger days and aren’t the same as they used to be rediscover one another in a house in the mountains, shut away and isolated by a powerful snowstorm. A warmth reigns there that reignites love and old affections, but fear, penitence, and expiation are present as well. Along with an old pastor who reveals the ways the consequences of the past shape the future.